For all of your HVAC needs, Faria Mechanical Ltd. is proud to announce our sister company, FM Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Ltd. or FMAC (prounouned: eff·mack) for short.

FMAC specializes in Heating and Air Conditioning installation and maintenance.

  • It’s no secret, our summers are getting warmer. To keep you cool, we can install a brand new air conditioning system in your home or business. We offer top rated products from world class manufacturers, and can build it on to your existing heating system. We also offer scheduled maintenance plans to ensure it’s always working when you need it.

  • Winters in the Pacific Northwest can be cold, damp, and all-round unforgiving. In order to make sure you stay snug and cozy during the fall and winter months, FMAC also features repair & installation services on furnaces, heat pumps, thermostats, and more. Our technicians are also trained to perform maintenance services on any brand of HVAC equipment.

  • A modern thermostat can save you money on power, keep your home or business at an ideal temperature, connect with the internet for remote control, or even learn your habits and preferences to optimize comfort. From programmable, to smart, to touch screen and Wi-Fi enabled thermostats, FMAC sells and installs some of the highest rated thermostats available.

  • We provide HVAC services for a variety of commercial and industrial projects as well, ranging from multifamily residential units, tenant improvement spaces, to warehouses and more. Whether you’re looking for routine maintenance, or a system overhaul, FMAC offers the service you need.